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Opus Oakland

Opus Oakland was created in October of 2016 by members of Oakland Civic Orchestra, a community orchestra affliated with Oakland Parks and Recreation.

The goal of Opus Oakland is to provide a regular small ensemble performance opportunity where interested musicians can meet other chamber music enthusiasts and expand their repertoire.

As a result, cafe-goers around Oakland get the benefit of receiving free mini-concerts of an ever-changing variety of classical genres with fellow friends and music lovers in a casual, intimate atmosphere.

Chamber music is a passion of ours, and as amateurs and sometime-freelance giggers with "day" jobs, we merely enjoy having the outlet of bringing the unique charm and intimacy of a small string ensemble, the pleasantries of a flute quartet, or even the mystique of European folk tunes for accordion /violin duo into the lives of any and all who'd like to listen.

Earlier Event: April 11
Later Event: June 13